Larry Bird and Michael Jordan shoot for lunch

  • 22.06.2021 04:21:49

One of the best ads of the 1990s, at least when it comes to NBA players, was when Larry Bird challenged Michael Jordan for his McDonald's lunch.

It really captured something about their personalities and the relentless nature of both guys games.

Basically the ad - there may have been more than one, we're not really sure - they just keep one-upping each other on trick shots.

It became a bit of a national tag line - make up whatever ridiculous shot you'd like - over the rainbow, down through the window, bounce off the visitors backboard, off the scoreboard and the important part...nothing but net.

It was a fun ad and people really enjoyed it, partly because Bird and Jordan seemed to enjoy it so much and, given their fiercely competitive natures, the one-upmanship was very believable.

The follow-up ad added a young Charles Barkley who wanted in on the contest. Portrayed as sort of an annoying younger brother, Bird and Jordan keep telling him no, he can't play.

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