That time Michael Jordan lost to Larry Bird in a 3-on-3 tournament organized by Kenny Rogers

  • 21.12.2019 00:01:11

Playing in various basketball tournaments was a common thing back in the '80s, and NBA superstars would often participate in such events. A famous songwriter and singer Kenny Rogers were one of the people organizing such a three on three tournament for charity back in 1988. He was able to get Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, Larry Bird, and Isiah Thomas to show out which meant the fans were in for a treat.

The tournament didn't disappoint with players being competitive as it's a normal game in the NBA and not a charity event. Jordan started the match with a put-back dunk while talking some trash talking to Wilkins. Kenny Rogers followed that up with a brilliant pump-fake that not many players have sold on Jordan in his career.

That pissed of Jordan, who continued to play like it's a playoff-type game and not a charity game which included 50-year-old people. In the later stage of the tournament, there was a direct matchup between Jordan and Bird. They were constantly going after each other like it's a game 7.

Larry Bird and his team would end up winning the game and the tournament. The footage of this charity tournament is quite impressive because it shows Michael Jordan in his prime going in a lot of situations one-on-one against Larry Bird, who at that time was considered the best player in the league.


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