Larry Bird And Dennis Johnson - A great, great meeting of basketball minds

  • 28.06.2021 15:29:37

The thing about Larry Bird was sometimes he would tell opponents exactly what he was going to do - or even what they were going to do - and that would happen. Other times, he could just do things that no one could anticipate, like this ridiculous play where he intercepts an inbounds pass from the Lakers, falls down to catch the ball and then looks for someone cutting.

When he can't find anyone, he just shoots it.

On his back.

And swishes it.

But basketball is a team game and Bird often said that his best teammate ever was Dennis Johnson.

Johnson came to the Celtics from the Suns and when he was traded there were some who thought he was a bad teammate.

His time in Boston proved that simply wasn't true. As you'll see in this video, no one thought higher of DJ than Bird, who says that Johnson made him a better player.

Sadly, Johnson died in 2007, at just 52 of a heart attack. He's under-appreciated still.

Source: dukebasketballreport

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